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sabato 26 marzo 2011

Welcome to MG's blog, the Italian legionary

Hi guys, welcome to my blog about Judo and martial arts. I'm an Italian professional Judo fighter, my name is Mattia Galbiati, but everybody calls me MG (or tha crazy Italian for New York friends haha).
I'm working hard since when i was a kid for getting my dream, the Olympic Games. The path to the Olympis is long and hard, just the best ones get it, this is the reason why i sacrifice myself everyday on tatami, because i believe in my dream and i want to reach my goals. I believe in the hard work, because the work always pays you back, remember. Work and believe.
I also like martial arts in general, especially i like to boxe or fight in MMA style. If you wanna see something more, go to my webtv and watch my free videos.
Hope to share with you, greetings from the beautiful Italy!!!


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